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By Erin Rovin, Illustrated by Tonny Martin Canales In New Orleans, a little oak tree asks Grand Oak why it is so small in comparison. The Grand Oak replies that the young one is special and will one day everyone will see. As the seasons change and the tree grows, the young tree continues to ask why it isn’t as big, or as full of leaves, or strong and study. With a gentle voice, the Grand Oak encourages and guides the small oak to have patience, stay grounded, and have trust in the future. When that future arrives, the Grand Oak celebrates the little trees' uniqueness in this inspiring tale that encourages us to nurture the young and guide them toward their own unique nature. Erin Rovin lives in New Orleans with her daily dose of inspiration: a five-year-old daughter, Story. Rovin wrote for multiple entertainment websites while living in Los Angeles and created a weekly fashion column for a local newspaper while in Pennsylvania.