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ABLNco is the original designer of the PINK preppy mascots chenille patches and many other patch work you will come upon throughout our page. Our Preppy Pink Mascot™ collections have inspired us to bring sparkle and shine for all of your favorite sports events! ABLNco has designed game day apparel with sequin, fabric, and gem patches that are high quality and sewn on our ABLNco labeled raw him sweatshirts. We have both adult and youth sizes. *These ABLNco Baseball Game Day Sequin Shimmer Sweatshirts (Adult & Youth Sizes) will ship January 25th.* Just as are growing our Preppy Pink Mascot™ collection, we are also growing out Holidays collection. So, keep coming back to check out our new exclusive items! Please instruct your customers to wash inside out, on gentle & light wash loads to increase the longevity of their ABLNco Boutique items. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS