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Mardi Gras is the most magical time of year for Petite Float and her papa. This season, Petite is extra excited because, for the first time, she will be joining the other floats in the parade as they roll down the streets of town. Even her dreams haven’t prepared her for the splendor that is Carnival: the happy crowds, the hand-painted throws, the dazzling flambeaux, and the sparkling floats. As day turns to night, Petite experiences all the best memories of a childhood Mardi Gras. She wonders at the beads flying through the sky, marvels at the bass drums of the marching bands, and delights in the twirling dancers and caped riders on horseback. As Petite Float makes her way down the parade route, the magic of Mardi Gras fills the air and stirs the imagination. Bright, cheerful art perfectly complements this sweet story and captures the innocent joy of a child’s first Mardi Gras.