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Cauldron Bath Bombs Pumpkin - Pumpkin Bread Witches Brew - Fruity Blend Use the handle to lower your Cauldron Bomb into a warm bath and watch as it bubbles over with fragrance, moisture, and milky bubbles. These are VERY VERY long lasting bombs that are meant to slowly fizz for your extended satisfaction. ******************* Spider Donut - Peach All the fun and none of the calories.. these peachy donuts are more of a treat than a trick. Plus they come with a spider ring. ********************* Candy Corn - Orange Blast These little cuties embody the best of candy corn and smell like fresh squeezed oranges. These fabulous effervescent bubbling bombs release a glorious aroma but what really makes these bath bombs unlike any other is that they produce frothy, milky bubbles you’ll endlessly enjoy! ********************* Mr / Ms Stein - Almond Berry It wouldn't be Halloween without our favorite monster and his blushing bride. All come 6 to a case.